In these uncertain times, my work on Change and how to embrace it has resonated even more profoundly with clients. Mental Toughness has never been more important as organisations realise just how necessary Resilience is to overcome challenges now and in the future. And I continue to share my Manifesto for Change in education to a wide audience globally. Below you'll find more detail on these and other subjects I'm passionate about.


Why do we resist change as we grow older. How can we nurture and develop an organisational culture that embraces change and encourages collaboration?

Richard examines why change has become increasingly challenging and how risk aversion can stifle individuals and organisations. He explores how to harness the power of creativity, curiosity and confidence in uncertain times and why we must shift the paradigm to understand that change is not a programme or a strategy but an ever-present organic part of the 21st Century.

Mental Toughness

First developed in the 1980s to help elite athletes perform better under pressure by developing high levels of belief and focus. Richard shares the insights and strategies he has learned, developed and applied, working across a wide range of contexts, to help organisations grow a culture of mental toughness in staff and teams so that they can collaborate better to contextualise, plan and overcome challenges both current and future. 


In the session Richard will explore how to:

  • Use failure to build confidence.

  • Grow through moments of change

  • Reframe challenges

  • Manage perspective

  • Develop self-efficacy

  • Foster a culture of active problem solving

Simple Thinking

Renowned for his highly accessible and common sense take on complex issues surrounding change and human leadership, Richard brings his pragmatic, insightful and people-centric approach to success; what it is and how we can achieve it.  

He offers strategies that will lead to success and the tools individuals need to succeed both individually and as part of an organisation. Based on the research in his book, Simple Thinking, Richard will give participants the mindsets, behaviours and attributes needed to aim higher and achieve more.

Education: A Manifesto for Change

Education is the most important factor determining the future of our children, our economy, our society and ultimately our planet.  Richard uses his experience-driven insights to clarify the vision, thinking and processes we must adopt if we are to develop a system that prepares our young people for the future. 

Bringing together his career as a former award-winning teacher, globally renowned principal, school and university board member and government policy advisor, Richard speaks with clarity and precision. He explains exactly what skills, behaviours and attributes our children need to achieve success in the modern world.


What do people and organisations that have enjoyed sustained success have in common? A sense of purpose. One driven by a collective mission, a set of values and passion.

In this session, Richard shares his insights and experiences, exploring how communication, skills development, leadership and empowerment must be developed and nurtured to encourage a genuine sense of purpose that can have a dynamic and long-lasting impact on you, your team and your organisation.

Lasting Legacy: Developing Future Leaders

Success cannot be measured in the short-term. Real success requires a long-term strategy and must be resilient enough to survive and thrive in challenging and changing times.


Richard’s mantra is that systems and structures change nothing, people do. In this session, Richard explores how to identify and nurture great leaders for tomorrow. He urges people to remember that leadership is about developing a sense of corporate responsibility and boosting higher levels of confidence, loyalty and a dynamic sense of legacy.

The event was a great success! Richard was one of the favourite speakers and the workshop went great. We are happy to have him with us and are hoping to collaborate again. 



Richard has worked with some of the world’s most successful sports and business organisations. Richard uses his unique insights into human development and success to help audiences understand what holds people back and how to unlock their full potential.


He has translated his work and experience from schools to high performing corporate environments where the ability to risk, learn and develop are vital. Richard argues that it is often the most naturally gifted individuals who struggle with resilience and that having the confidence to fail and overcome adversity is critical if we are to get the best out of ourselves and our people.

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