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In 2019 Richard was asked by LinkedIn to create bespoke courses for their online learning portal LinkedIn Learning. Drawing on content from Richard’s keynote speeches and his best-selling books, the courses teach Smart Thinking Under Pressure and Developing Mental Toughness. The courses have been taken by hundreds of thousands worldwide, and translated into several languages including Spanish, French and Japanese.

Smart Thinking: Overcoming Complexity


Critical thinking and problem-solving are among the foundational skills needed in the modern workplace. They help you break down complex problems and remove common barriers—such as overthinking and overengineering—that stand in the way of simple solutions. In this course Richard provides proven tools and techniques to deal with complexity, including cultivating a greater sense of control and confidence to make proactive, sustainable decisions.

Learn how to think like a five-year old, follow three simple steps to deal with multifaceted challenges, collaborate with others, and manage fear and negative emotions. Then, use the exercise Richard introduces at the end of the course to apply what you've learned and reshape a complex challenge into an actionable response.Smart Thinking: Overcoming Complexity

Preparing to Lead: Developing Mental Toughness in Yourself


Mental toughness—aka resilience—is a foundational skill for modern leaders. It is the key to leading companies through times of change and building high-performing and innovative teams. Based on his work with some of the world’s most successful sports and business organizations, Richard Gerver brings his unique insights into human development and success to help leaders develop mental toughness and a culture of resilience in their organizations.

Through captivating stories and examples from the world of sport, Richard shares powerful strategies for building mental toughness, including using failure to build confidence, capturing and celebrating wins, using new experiences to prevent silo thinking, and developing self-efficacy. These lessons are designed for all aspiring and early-stage leaders who want to create teams that can deal effectively with complex challenges.

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