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Simple Thinking


Life is full of unnecessary complexity, leaving most of us confused, angry and disenfranchised. This book will help you cut through the metaphorical clutter to expand your mind and understand your true potential through the power of thinking simply.


You’ll learn how to recalibrate your thoughts, behaviours and actions, trust your instincts and streamline your ideas to devise simple solutions to complex problems both in life and work.

You’ll realise that when you expose the layers and get to the heart of a problem you’re now well equipped with clarity and confidence to conceive a simpler yet more effective solution.


"Success is not complicated; it doesn't have a secret formula; it is about people, behaviours and attitudes; Richard's brilliant book covers all three."
- Dave Bassett, Former Football Manager


"Richard Gerver packs more of that rarest commodity, common sense than most of us encounter in a lifetime. I will be returning to the book again and again, for reassurance as well as inspiration. It is a boon in waiting."
- Duke of Devonshire

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