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Vision: It’s personal

As we move into the next phase of the pandemic and see the new emerging world, I'm sure we're all taking stock of our lives. I definitely am.

I'm examining what my future might look like and what I can do to feel of value and purpose. I've been doing a lot of thinking and found this simple structure to be really helpful in giving me clarity and objectivity.

Calm your mind

If you're feeling overwhelmed or panicky, stop what you're doing and take some deep, rhythmic breaths. This will stop you from acting reactively. It is so important to breathe and recognise the state you're in before making decisions. It'll help you move forward rationally and constructively. Try not to let yourself get caught up in the emotional turmoil of a bad moment.

Don't 'but' too early

We often talk ourselves out of something before we've really thought it through. It's easy to think of the ways something might not be possible, rather than how it actually might be. If you have a friend, coach, or mentor who you trust, ask them to act as a sounding board when you feel yourself stalling.

Feel your ideal life

Allow yourself time to fantasise and imagine the life you really want. Don’t write it all off too soon, let the feeling build a little. Studies prove that if you build a sense of purpose, you are far more likely to find the grit needed to turn things from fantasy to reality.

Cut the crap

Seriously. Don’t spend too much time allowing your negative thoughts and fears to drag you down. Remember that no one can get behind or be excited by a negative vision.

Write it down

I find writing so cathartic. By writing things down it will cement your ideas, organise your thoughts and free you up to think increasingly clearly and then strategically.

Do something

Immerse yourself in research and exploration but remember you don't need a perfect strategy to get started. The first step is always the hardest but my goodness its satisfying when you’ve done it.

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