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The husband quickly pelted his sexy Muslim sister-in-law from the maternal home

Hello friends, I welcome all of you very much to My name is Delhi Escorts Isha. I have been a regular reader of nonveg stories for the past many years and when no such night goes, I do not read its succulent chudai stories. Today I am telling you my story. I hope that everyone will definitely like this story. I went to my maternal home for 2 months. For 10 months of the year, I used to stay in my in-laws' house. In summer there used to be summer holidays for 2 months. Then I used to get a chance to go home. I had gone to my Escorts in Delhi maternal home and 20 days had passed. Then the husband's call came.“Shabnam Jaan….Come home quickly. I haven't got to kick pussy for 20 days!! husband said"Listen, sir!! I will stay with my mother for at least 2 months. Till then, you can work with your hands. I said“Hey… you know where the fun comes in licking your Delhi Escorts Service fists, then it comes in licking pussy. Please come back soon!!" Escorts Services in Delhi Husband said but I cut all his talk and started living with my mother in my maternal home. Because I used to miss home a lot and didn't like in-laws at all. Friends, my husband was a very sexy man and was very young. He used to beat my pussy 2 times a day and 3 times at the night. He loved to have sex and here I was also such a woman that I loved to eat fat cocks every day. Now 1 month had passed since I came to my maternal home, so I was also craving to eat cock.

I used to enjoy putting a dildo in my pussy. Apart from this, I used to do work with my fingers too. On the other hand, my Paharganj Escorts husband was working with his hands these days. But he was not able to get that pussy fun. Slowly 2 months passed and my children's school opened. I was not doing my heart to come from my mother's house but what can I do. Every married girl has to come to her in-laws' house one day. That's why I had to return to my husband despite not wanting to. I caught the train with the children and then came to the in-laws' house. As soon as I entered the house, my mother-in-law, Nand, brother-in-law, and father-in-law started talking to me and asked if there was any problem in coming by train. My mother-in-law made tea for me immediately. I drank tea and I was talking with everyone. My Escorts in Paharganj children had gone to play with their grandfather. I had not even changed the clothes yet when the husband raised his voice.“Shabnam….come here!!” When the husband spoke loudly, I got up from the mother-in-law and Nand and went back to the husband's room. He immediately caught me and started kissing me." Shabnam!! Give me a pussy now You don't know how I have passed 2 months without your naughty pussy!!" the husband said“Right now I am talking to mother-in-law and Nand. I'll be back in a while!" When I said, the husband took my hand and closed the door." Look Shabnam... don't do drama.

I have passed 60 days without killing your pussy. Now my work is not going on. Give me a pussy first, then talk to everyone in the Saket Escorts house!!" the husband said angrily “Oh man….it doesn’t feel good on such a day. What will everyone in the house think!! I said with annoyance but the husband did not listen to me and took off my sari. Then forcefully put me on the bed and unbuttoned my blouse, then took off my bra and panty too. Now I was completely naked. My husband took off his clothes and lay on top of me and was drinking with my milk in his mouth. I love fucking. I love to eat my husband's fat cock, but it was 11 o'clock in the morning and everyone in the house was waiting for me to talk to me. Here the husband was asked to kill my pussy. He started drinking my milk."Listen, everyone in the house is waiting for me. Please leave me and let go!!" I said"Just wait 2 minutes. I'll kill your pussy. It will only take 2 minutes!!" Escorts in Saket husband god said in the morning I was finding sex very strange. I haven't even had 5 to 10 minutes to come from my maternal home and my husband has started fucking me. But he was my husband, how could I refuse him? That's why I lay down with both legs spread openly."Okay okay—you fuck me, but hurry up. On the other hand, everyone in the house is waiting for me!!" I said then my husband started drinking my cool milk. Friends, I was a very beautiful woman.

My complexion was very clear and the look on my face was exactly like Shalimar Bagh Escorts Kareena Kapoor's. I looked like a heroine. I was a very beautiful woman. My body was very beautiful and I was a woman of 5 feet 6 inches tall. My figure was 38 36 34. My body was full and I was a cool item to eat, lick and drink. That's why my husband loved me very much. When I used to go shopping in the market, everyone used to see me again and again. "Look how much fun stuff is worth fucking. I wish I could get to kill her pussy.” Everyone used to say. Even because of my beauty, the shopkeepers used to give me discounts. Everyone used to kill me and many shopkeepers used to lend me goods worth thousands of rupees.I was a very beautiful woman. My Escorts in Shalimar Bagh husband adored my beauty and this time my 38" boobs were sucking in his mouth. My chest was filled with very big round balls which looked like a mango. My husband was sucking my mango in his mouth at this time. He was having a lot of fun in Rohini Escorts. Slowly I started having fun too. After some time, my husband came on my pussy after drinking my boobs. He put his 8" fat cock in my pussy and started fucking my burr.

I started having fun. Although I am very ashamed to kiss in the Escorts in Rohini morning. because when the door of my room is closed, then everyone in the house knows that inside my and husband Dev are enjoying the banging. But today I came back after 60 days and came to the in-laws' house, so my husband was playing rhetoric. I was kissing. I was completely naked on the bed and my husband's cock was going to come in my pussy very quickly. My Patel Nagar Escorts husband is absolutely a pussy priest. Their work is not done without hitting the pussy. That's why today as soon as I came from my maternal home, I started playing. I was like “aaaaahhhhh eeeeeeee….ohhhhhh….ai. ..i..i…….” I started making noises because I was chugging and got very excited. I grabbed my husband with both hands. He used to take it on my bare smooth, sensual, and very sexy body. He was drinking my milk and hitting me very quickly. I was having a lot of fun and my eyes in Escorts in Patel Nagar were getting closed from the intoxication of sex. Husband's Lauda was moving quickly in my pussy like a train and was playing me. After some time the husband started feeding me very quickly and I was like “…… Mummy… Mummy….. C C C C.. Ha ha ha…..ooooo….oooo. .Om…Om…Unhoo Unhoo..” began to make erotic voices. My husband's 8” cock was licking my pussy very quickly and was tearing my pink bosom. I was having a lot of fun.

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