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Best Ayurveda hospital for skin allergies in Hyderabad

Skin Allergies – Definition

Skin allergies can be defined as a type of immune reaction to an allergen or irritants or foreign microorganisms by producing specific proteins called antibodies capable of binding or identifying molecules or antigens on the foreign particle. This reaction between antibody and antigen sets off a series of reactions designed to protect the human body from infection.

The treatment for skin allergies is provided by KSAC which is the best ayurvedic hospital for skin allergies in Hyderabad. The ayurvedic treatment at the best ayurvedic hospital for skin allergies in Hyderabad is provided by the best ayurvedic doctors and as such patients with skin allergies do throng to the best ayurvedic hospital for skin allergies in Hyderabad.

Types, causes and symptoms of skin allergies –Overview

Skin allergy is the human body’s extreme reaction to one or more allergens and with almost thousands of allergens all around the environment almost any substance in the environment may provoke an allergic reaction in a person. Nevertheless, the most common airborne allergens include-

• Plant pollens

• Animal fur and dander

• Excrement from cockroaches

• House dust

• Cigarette smoke

• Solvents

• Cleaners

In contact with the skin, allergens may cause itching, reddening, and blistering of the skin known as contact dermatitis. The other types of skin allergies include eczema, hives and acne.


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