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How to come up with a book plot

In any novel, the plot (not to be confused with the plot) is the basis of the narrative.

A plot is the dry facts, actions, and events connected by cause-and-effect relationships (goals, objectives, motives) and arranged chronologically; pay for a paper it is the backbone of the plot (the hero was born - married - died).

The plot is the author's emotional account of events, with additions, evaluations, and possible deviations from the original chronology (the hero before his death recalls how he was born, when he married, and what life he lived).

The plot is called the idea of the plot, while the plot is the disclosure and development of the plot in practice - in the text of the narrative. And in order to work effectively on the plot of a story, it is important to understand the basis - the rules of the eight-point arc of the plot.

How to build a novel's plot using the eight-point arc

There are eight basic phases, or "points" in the story structure, which are the elements of the so-called eight-point arc. The eight phases essay editing service - stasis, impulse, goal, surprise, decisive choice, climax, turn, and denouement - are the points of development of the plot, from "Once upon a time" through "met-fought-over" to "happily ever after.

Consider the phases of the arc in more detail.

1. Stasis is essentially exposition: an ordinary day at an ordinary time in an ordinary (or made-up) world. Yes, those very "lived-before", the outline of the situation, the launching pad from which the story arc will go "up" - into development, through the first impulse.

Impulse: contingency. On a normal and unremarkable day something out of the ordinary happens; an incident that breaks the normal course of events, disrupts the usual course of things.

The impulse can be anything - an old memory, a fire in the house, the arrival of a distant relative or old friend, a bad dream, an unexpected dismissal, an acquaintance, and so on. The main thing is that the impulse makes this day, static and ordinary, unusual, provokes further, no less unexpected events and forms a new goal.

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