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In my new book, I talk a little about the danger of polarised and vitriolic debate which often raises its ugly head on social media.

For many years, I have been saddened by the way some individuals involved in education hijack this tool to encourage conflict, advance their own agenda and spout hateful rhetoric.

And it happens a lot. I have experienced it. I know many friends and colleagues who have experienced it. I see it happen to people, whose opinions I don't necessarily agree with, fall victim to the same anonymous abuse. Nobody deserves to be targeted in this way.

It is easy to sit behind a keyboard taking pot shots at those we disagree with but it is neither constructive nor considerate of the fact that this simply undermines the very issues being talked about.

I have often spoken about the need for collaboration, in every field of life, across every sector. In education, we owe it to our students: our children, to work together to support, share, challenge and develop new thinking and ensure that we help develop a system worthy of them and of their future.

I want to find a way to protect honest, constructive and developmental dialogue on social media and to celebrate its power as a catalyst for good research, progress and change.

With that in mind, I ask everyone who is committed to the above to add #ConstructEd to their social media profiles to help identify and support those dedicated to constructive and supportive discourse around the education debate.

Just one more thing...

You are invited to join me for a special event on Wednesday 10 July at Wellcome Collection, London to celebrate my new book: Education: A Manifesto for Change.

Tickets are £15 (including a copy of my book RRP £19.99)

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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
Feb 10, 2023

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