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Do you remember when you were born? Most of us don't, but what a time it must have been! Everything was new; sights, sounds, touch, all of it. Our lives were so uncomplicated but here's the thing, we were at our most powerful; as learners, as creative thinkers, as problem solvers and as innovators. We were learning at a phenomenal rate.

For most of my adult life, I worked in and around young children and marvelled at their abilities. Over the last decade, having worked across high performing businesses and elite sport, I keep coming back to the same thought; how do we remove some of the scrambled, cluttered complexity that we seem to grow into and deal with? What if we could think like we did when we were that young? What if we could pair the elegant simplicity and clarity of innocent childhood with the wisdom, experience, knowledge and skills of our adulthood?

My newest book, Simple Thinking; How to remove the complexity from life and work was my chance to explore those questions. I wanted to examine the traits and behaviours of hugely successful people and see if there were links between their behaviours and those of our younger, bolder, more dynamic selves.

On 10th October, I will be able to share my thoughts at a unique event hosted by the London Business Forum at the famous BAFTA in London. I will reveal how we can;

· Live and act with resilience, authenticity and passion

· Be confident in our own ideas without always needing to seek approval

· Refresh our thoughts, behaviours and actions

· Remove some of the baggage that weighs us down

And by doing so, achieve a new sense of clarity and simplicity to help us define future success.

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Yumi Vega
Yumi Vega
10 févr. 2023

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