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Education: A Manifesto for Change


Education: A Manifesto for Change is a call to arms to inspire all those involved in education to consider how our school system can be made fit for purpose in our turbulent 21st-century world. Renowned educationalist, Richard Gerver, argues that educators must work together to find innovative, creative strategies to prepare students for lives ahead of them and to teach them skills and knowledge that will be valuable far beyond formal education. Schools must collaborate with people and organisations beyond their normal experiences, so they can be the catalysts of a better, more connected and more coherent future for today's children - tomorrow's adults. 

With unique insights from global figures, including Barack Obama and Steve Wozniak, perspectives from elite sports coaches, and international examples, this book is an empowering, optimistic vision for a new year forward for educators everywhere. 

In this powerful book, Gerver calls for a collaborative vision for education that will prepare society to "thrive in uncertainty". He shares sharp insight, achieved through school leadership, uniquely combined with global experience of working with eminent leaders through industry. Great read. 

- Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching

Richard Gerver's book gives you a personal yet authoritative account of the current state of UK education, and also provides a refreshingly optimistic perspective on where we might go next. 

- Geoff Barton, General Secretary, Association of School and College Leaders


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