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Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today

Richard Gerver

Children today are growing up in an increasingly complex world. A good education is more important than ever to help them navigate the challenges the future holds.


This book explores whether our education system is still fit for purpose. Is it preparing our children for this fast-paced environment? Or are we failing our children by leaving their potential unfulfilled?


Richard addresses these questions in the context of early schooling and presents powerful arguments that suggest an imperative for change. He explores possible solutions and examples based on his experiences as headmaster at Grange Primary School where he developed a creative and futures facing system, bringing global recognition and success to a school on the verge of failure.

Richard Gerver is one of the clearest and most passionate voices for radical change both in education and in business. As a highly successful and revolutionary school principal, he has transformed the expectations and achievements of children, teachers and communities alike. In his compelling presentations and books, he now takes his powerful message of hope and possibility to educators, policymakers and business leaders around the world. It's a message that has to be heard.
- Sir Ken Robinson, 
author of The Element

There is a battle for the soul of education going on. Who wins matters terribly. ReadGerver's beautifully written book, see what's at stake -and come down on the right side!
- Professor Guy Claxton, author of Building Learning Power and What's the Point of School?


An excellent book that will make you think critically about learning and how to create an education system that cherishes the talents and abilities of young people. 
- Nikhil Goyal, author and activist


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